UGR Gaming aka Brandon is a Twitch variety caster who is also a blogger, podcast host, and the ultimate horror fan. UGR Gaming is also the US Community Manager for Xsplit! So if you have any questions about the program or want to contact about it please send a message on Twitter . UGR Gaming in general started as a gaming blog site in 2012 which was when the Twitch channel was created. in 2014, Brandon began streaming on the channel and became an embodiment of UGR. So really UGR Gaming is Brandon and also the website (Stopped Publication April 2016) . But when it refers to Twitch, UGR is Brandon. Being the creator of the Chicago Twitch support network, “Twitch Chicago”, UGR has created several meetups and participated in local gaming events to keep the strong sense of community within his gaming career. UGR uses humor and communication to keep the stream and community entertained! If fun is what you like? Hit that FOLLOW button.

    Right now, I stream MTWT but beginning at 6:30 PM CST . Best way to know when I stream is follow here or follow Me on Twitter to best know when I will stream or not.

    Simple to follow rules:

    *No Spamming, Please * No Racism * No Self Promotion * Please no links, Ask Mod First


    There will be no replies to messages about banning unless there was an accidental banning. We run a mature channel. Be mature then you don’t have to worry.

    Behave =)

      Brandon is apart of three great Twitch Teams. SteelSeriesXsplit Team Wolf

      Make sure you check out the teams and check out the other streamers!