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We are a gaming news, review, convention podcast dedicated to bringing the freshest news from the gaming industry to you.  Join Hosts Cameron, Angie, and Brandon as they discuss the latest games, talk about conventions, and rage from time to time! Click below to get to our library of podcasts!


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We have covered many conventions since we have been recording. If you would like us to be at yours send us an email and we would be glad to work out the details with you. Some conventions we have covered are PAX, E3, Comic Con and more!

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Cameron Zoldak

Cameron is the original host and creator of Gamer Chat Weekly and loves being able to talk about his online shenanigans with listeners.

Angie Roberts

Angie is the newest member of Gamer Chat Weekly but far better looking than the others. She enjoys shooters and anything Assassins Creed

Brandon Stennis

Brandon is the work horse of the 3. He lives life mostly on the road now with his new job at Xsplit “one of our sponsors”. He enjoys Resident Evil more than a person should.


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